Thursday, July 21, 2005

Becoming 'Sexy'

Some days ago, I found out via e-mail that there will be a writing worshop day in Port Elgin on August 27th. The Brucedale Press was looking for authors to read and to give workshops. I'd never heard of this event but since no one has heard of me either, I decided to offer my services.

I didn't expect to be taken seriously, but now I've been hired. I'm a "presenter" and will read my work in the morning and be part of a panel. In the afternoon, I'll run a workshop on - Writing 'Sexy' Older Characters. The organzers are just putting out the brochure now, so I don't expect a huge number of participants. In fact, I kind of hope there won't be a lot of participants since this is my first adventure of this kind.

Research is now on the agenda since I have to find some bad examples of writing older characters. But that shouldn't be too hard. I'll have 2.5 hours of workshop time and plan to make the session interesting and challenging. It will certainly be a challenge for me!

In other news, I received the judge's comments on Peach Fuzz and Sunflowers and also was told that I could make small changes in the story before it goes to print. The only suggestion from the judge was that the story could be more dramatic if it were written from only one point of view. Well, I thought about this. Hell - I stewed and fussed and fumed about it in typical cranky crab fashion. I can't do it. So, the story will go to the typesetter later today with some minor text changes.

Nancy and Frank senior are home safe after their trip to England and my grandsons are having a lazy summer and enjoying it. Sammy who turned eleven in July is a ferocious reader and devours his library books so quickly that he runs out of reading material before a trip to the library is scheduled. So, his father has given him a Michael Chriton book to fill the gap. I'll have to look through my collection and see what I can give Sam for the awful times when he temporarily runs out of books.