Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Snow Again Must Mean Travel, Again.

The snow is blowing past my windows so fast that it obscures my view. Maybe by tomorrow it will stop and the bus to Toronto will leave on time and arrive in the big smoke on time. I had considered leaving this afternoon but I continue to wait for people to call me back. My theme song of the moment is 'someday my call will come.' No prince required, when there's a Viking nearby.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Mild Mannered Reporter Not Hornswoggled or Bamboozled.

This just in from your mild-mannered reporter on the banking front. Some folk who work in banks believe that seniors can be hornswoggled or bamboozled by the flummery of brightly coloured papers. However, this getting-older-by-the-minute scribe was not impressed by charts, tables, market predictions, or any other flim-flammery.

Did you know that you could invest money in a GIC based on bank values that is, according to the person who showed me the information, 'not based on the stock market?" What twaddle! Of course the GIC has to be based on the value of the banks' stock. and furthermore, according to the fine print, if the index declines in value you receive no return though of course your principal remains protected. How on earth does it qualify as a GIC? That could have been your intrepid reporter's question, and she will ask it as soon as she recovers.

In the meantime, she may investigate the value of sock companies' shares because there's always a market for socks in colder parts of the world.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tales from Behind the Snow Banks

It's official, Kitchener set a new record for snow. I don't know if it also set a record for accidents, but it would not surprise me if that was the case.

One has to edge out cautiously when accessing the road whether by car, or on foot. My daughter has had accidental guests three times in the last few days because she lives very close to a dangerous intersection. I almost escaped the after-effects of the storm. However, this morning while walking to the bank, I slipped and fell on my tush thanks to some black ice. Only my ego has been damaged, as far as I can tell. I have mended the damage by consuming a chocolate Easter egg. I recommend that solution

My daughter is also the only person I know who wants more snow to fall. I'm doing my best to help her out. I have not seen the long range weather forecast yet, but since I plan to go to Toronto on Tuesday, I'd bet on more snow that day. My record is consistent. It snows every time I get on the bus. So, put your money down now. The odds are excellent.