Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Liebster Blog Award

My blog was honoured with a Liebster blog award given by my friend, Susan Barclay.  There's a lovely little heart logo. However; incompetent as I am, I"m unable to transfer the pretty thing to the top of this page. After hours of effort, and various attempts to deal with the new Google E blogger format and to find out how to edit saved drafts, you can find the symbol at the bottom of this post   Anyway, this is award is for interesting blogs with  under 500 followers . Now that I've received it, I'm asked to nominate five other blogs including the blog of the person who named my blog.
So, here are some blogs that I find interesting. --
Susan Barclay's blog, Honey from the Hive is here :

Jan Markley's blog is always worth reading and frequently her sense of humour shines through.  She writes youug adult fiction.  Her titles to date:  Dead Frog on the Porch, and Dead Bird Through The Cat Door.

The Falcata Times blog features news, book  reviews, and interviews with writers of Sci-Fi Fantasy, Historical, YA, Horror, Crime and other genre fiction.

Darcie Friesen Hossack, the author of Mennonites Don't Dance, also has blog about food, Nice Fat Gurdie is charming and informative.

My dear friend, Lori Hahnel, the author of Love Minus Zero, a novel, and Nothing Sacred, a short story collection, blogs about her news and views here at Tales From Behind the Calgary Hotel.

Until next time, or whenever I sort out how to deal with this new format.  Cheers!