Saturday, June 26, 2010

Birthday Thoughts from a Word Nerd

My birthday celebration started a day early because my grandson's birthday, (he's 18 now - yoiks!) is the day before mine. I enjoyed Frankie's cotton candy flavoured ice cream cake and didn't have cake on my natal day. Instead, I ate the chocolate bar I received at Frank's birthday party. Everyone should be able to have chocolate for breakfast at least once a year.

I went for a walk on my birthday and stopped in at a downtown bookstore. I had intended to buy the latest issue of The New Yorker, but the latest issue features 40 writers under 40. I'm 67 now and I didn't want to be amazed by all the young talent when I haven't amazed anyone yet, and besides, I bet there's a lot of angst in there, so I purchased a Harper's magazine instead. Then, I took myself out for lunch.

Word nerds love books and I received 'Bird by Bird" from my friend Lori Hahnel and a gift certificate for Chapters/Indigo from my daughter, I'm delighted by both presents and can't wait to visit the local Chapters store, maybe we will be able to do that next week. The Viking tells me that there is a reading lamp in my future and I must choose the one I like the best. That will be fun.

On my birthday, I also spent some time in meditation. I send my brother love and light every day and hope that his leave-taking from this world will be peaceful. So, celebration and sorrow are intertwined this year.

And in the midst of all this, a story is nudging me and may emerge when it is ready.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Yes, I Did. No, I Didn't.

Earlier in the week, I had an idea for a light-hearted personal essay, so I drafted it, reworked it a couple of times, and finally sent it to my friend, Lori Hahnel, who kindly looked it over for me. Then, I submitted the essay to and the site's editor tells me it will be published sometime in next week or so. It's titled "Why Not Take The Slow Lane?" I'll add a link to the page here, when I have it, or you can look at my other essays, reviews and articles on the site by clicking on my name under authors. So, yes, I did make some headway this week.

On the other hand, no, I didn't get back to work on a different, and, goddess be with me, better Chapter One for the third draft of my novel. Instead, I've spent most of the latter part of this week working on various things that have an impact on the health of my friend, The Bear. Life has a habit of interfering with my plans and no doubt with yours too. In any event, things are almost sorted, so next week should offer me some more writing time.

Here's an almost pop culture question. Maybe I can think of a prize for the person who provides the most amusing answer, or answers.

What connects Eve Dallas, who is married to Rourke, and Tempe(erance) Brennan, who is not married to Ryan?