Saturday, August 20, 2005

From Mexico to Port Elgin

By Tuesday, I'll probably be in Port Elgin and I'm looking forward to my mini-escape, once I get everything ready. This morning, I was reminded of the plans I had three years ago. At that time, I was planning to get away to Mexico for a week. It didn't happen and I was disappointed that I couldn't afford it. These days, I'm happy to be able to get as far away as Port Elgin.

It's a good thing my imagination can take me anywhere I want to go, even if it takes me to some places I don't want to see.

I'll be unplugged again while I'm away and that could a bonus. Maybe I'll get an outline done, maybe I won't. But it's unlikely there will be any inerruptions from outside the self, that is. If the weather is perfect, I'll spend lots of time outside and even have a camp-fire; and if it isn't - I'll have books and the radio. I'm hoping for clear nights so I can see the stars and maybe see the way ahead too.

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Anonymous said...

Here's hoping you have a wonderful time 'away from it all'.

Don't forget the sunscreen, bugspray, umbrella (beach or rain, or both), and of course, plenty of books!