Tuesday, November 21, 2006

If People Would Stop Asking, I Might Get Something Done

It's not December, not yet, and already my neigbours are asking me if I'm ready for Christmas. An answer springs to mind, but I don't use it. I could say - Yes, I'm ready, I've even cooked dinner and it will stay on the table until the day. The truth is, I'm not the who will be cooking the dinner on Christmas day, my daughter will have that delightful task. I am planning a family party for December ninth and that seems to lead to things like soaking all my stainless steel flatware in the sink overnight, cleaning out my junk drawers in an effort to find certain kitchen implements I never use and wondering if two different types of salad dressing will be sufficient.

Then there's the tree issue. People are asking me if I've put my tree up yet. No, I haven't. It isn't December yet. If we have a snowfall that stays on the ground sometime before December first, I might become filled with pre-Christmas spirit and put the new tree together.

And, no, I haven't finished my Christmas shopping either. I'll likely go to the mall next Monday when I hope it will be quiet and maybe I'll be able to find what I want. If I knew what I wanted it would certainly be easier. But never mind, ideas will come, they always do.

Speaking of ideas that don't come easily. I went to see "Stranger Than Fiction" with the man in my life on Saturday. I won't reveal all of the plot, but if you are a writer, I think you would enjoy the movie.

Friends who know I write are asking me if I've had anything else published. Only a letter to the editor, I reply. I guess that answer won't change if I don't get some of my stories back on the road and revise the one I should be working on now.

It seems I've run out of excuses and will have to proceed with revisions.


Jenn said...

You go, girl. Don't let them force you into decorating before December. I'm having this fight at work. This year I lost because I have a damn candy cane light hanging in front of my desk (it is kinda cute). But that's it! Nothing else until December!

Susan said...

My kids have been asking me when the tree goes up, and I'm with you - the first of December is soon enough! As for shopping, I have lots of ideas, just too little time!