Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Errol Flynn, and The Suit

Errol Flynn has popped up a couple of times in the last few days. First, he appeared in a very funny short story written by my friend Lori Hahnel. The story was snapped up 24 hours after she sent it to Humanist Perspectives. In the writing world, that's almost as fast as Flynn's sword play. Then, on the weekend, D. and I were searching for something to watch on television early Saturday evening and stumbled upon Errol in the original version of Robin Hood. I hadn't seen the movie for at least 20 years and was charmed by Flynn all over again. I also appreciated the fact that while there are lots of fights in the movie, gore does not spatter the screen.

Tuesday evening, I got to see another very handsome young gentleman, in person. Frankie, my oldest grandson was confirmed last night. For the occasion, he wore his new tailored suit. It's black with a grey pinstipe and he chose a black shirt and a black tie with white stripes to compliment the suit. His bright pink braces and his current hair colour, dark blonde with sparks of red made him stand out in the crowd, that and his broad shoulders will turn him into a girl-magnet. Last I heard though, he already has a girlfriend, so the other girls can only sigh and hope to catch his eye. Frankie dreams of being in a rock band and is saving his money for the purchase of a bass guitar and an amp. Who knows what he'll actually become? I don't, but I hope I'm still around when he gets there.

I wish Flynn was still around too.

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