Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Great News and Grumbles

It's always best to start with good news and I have better-than-good news to report. It's terrific news! My friend Lori Hahnel's short story collection, Nothing Sacred, will be published in autumn 2009 by Thistledown Press. I'm delighted for her and know how long and hard she has worked. Talent, luck and pluck (bug the people who have your work) have finally paid off. This is her first book and there will be others. I plan to buy every one. Lori has also kindly said that I'll be named in the acknowledgements. Actually, she said I'd have a whole page, but that decision will likely rest with her publisher. I plan to have my own celebration when the weather obliges and I can walk to the store and purchase a small libation.

I'll try to make the grumble shorter than the good news. Why the heck is Mr. Harper running negative ads about Dion already, and who is funding the cost of those ads? What is he afraid of? The Liberals aren't chomping at the bit and ready to run another race. Maybe Harper thinks that he should call an election while the Liberals are still locked behind the starting gate. He'd better think twice about spending our money on that. And furthermore, a reduction in the GST is not the best way to give us folks on the bottom rung of the economic ladder a break.

That is more than enough about federal politics and although I have many more complaints I'll save them for another time.

In the last little while, I've acted as first editor for a friend who is writing restaurant reviews for Real Women Canada.(Although the review that is probably posted on the site by now was not seen by me due to a mysterious email glitch.) That means I'll be treated to lunch soon. I'm planning to have something decadent and be unrepentant.

That's about it for this post, except for this.

Three cheers for Lori!

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