Saturday, November 08, 2008

When November Arrives

I always feel blue in November. Maybe it's because of the short days, or the bare trees, or the memories of past Remembrance Days. Or, maybe it's because what I've managed to write so far this year seems stale and flat. There are good things though, so I'll mention them.

Today is the last day for fertilizer applications, etc. for my daughter's lawn care company and the weather throughout the season has been outstanding for lawns.

My friend, Lori Hahnel, has her book launch on November thirteenth followed by a three-city tour. And, a copy of her book should arrive in my mailbox before long.

The scale my daughter keeps on her treadmill tells me that I haven't gained any weight - or lost any either. That is satisfactory, but not exciting.

The Viking's vision problem is stable and he can continue to drive.

Frank and Sam still play with their Lego stuff when no one is watching. Don't tell.

Obama was elected.

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