Friday, June 26, 2009

Dont Mess With My Morning Routine

Yesterday was my birthday, number 65 plus one, and it was a mostly quiet day. My daughter took me out for lunch, then the Viking came over for tea and hugs after supper. I was quite content to have a low key celebration. partly because my foot was throbbing, and partly because so much has been happening to people I love that I needed some down time. Life has been way too eventful, but not in a good way, over the last few weeks. I may be wild and crazy sometimes, but on weekday mornings, I need - crave my routine. When it's interrupted things go awry, as they did on Wednesday morning.

I like to start my morning with coffee. All right then, I can hear the laughter- I need to start my morning with two cups of coffee. One starts the right ventricle and one starts the left. That's the rule. I have a wonderful new coffee maker, and right after I brush my teeth, etc. and turn on the computer, which needs time to load all it's functions, I fill the machine and start it. While the coffee brews, I open or close the windows depending on what the weather looks like. When the coffee is ready I take my cup to my desk, log on to the Internet and check my email. Doesn't everybody who writes do this first thing in the morning? There could be good news just waiting to be found and enjoyed.

But Wednesday morning, before I could pour out my coffee, the phone rang. In my un-coffeed state, I rushed to answer it. I'm not spatially deft before coffee and I failed to get completely around one of the living room chairs. I whacked two of the smallest toes on my right foot and limped over to the phone. Of course it was a wrong number. I promise myself, I won't rush to catch a phone call again. I'd like change other parts of my morning routine, but I'm not sure I can. I might be able to resist checking what's new with my friends who post on facebook, and I might be able to stop reading the morning headlines on the CBC website and the Maclean's magazine blogs. Those are the things I do before I write or revise, if I write or revise anything. But I'm not giving up coffee.

It's time to ice my toes.


Michelle Muto said...

Caffeine is a must here, but my vice is tea. One in the morning, another in the afternoon, and sometimes a nice red or jasmine tea at night.

Routine. Mine's get up, let the dogs out, feed them, eat, clean kitchen, plan dinner, drink tea. That's the everyday of the week routine.

And happy birthday, btw! No way! You clearly mistyped those numbers...

Princess Kendal, Wonder Dog said...

Morning? What's that?

Laura Rainbow Dragon said...

Very funny PK.

Diane, you'll have to forgive my dog. She thinks it's rude to get out of bed before noon.

I'd definitely support your bid to give up your phone addiction. Unless I have a specific reason to expect a phone call, I don't turn my ringer on. It's great.

Email, on the other hand, is a different matter. I pretty much have to go camping in the wilderness to keep myself from checking my email obsessively. I am, however, seriously considering taking one day off per week from the Internet. (I'd like to do one day per week computer free, but I'm not sure if I can commit to that at the moment with all of the writing I have planned for this summer.)

Coffee is something I drink about once per year -- and it needs to be laced with chocolate and preferably alcohol as well. But I know better than to get between other people and their morning coffee!

Happy Birthday!

Falcata Times said...

Got to admit, first thing I do in my house is get a mug of tea. What I'd advise though for you D is to buy a few phones that work on the same frequency, put one in the kitchen, one where the phone socket is and one either by the computer or upstairs next to the bed. That way you have easy access and can save the poor ol toes future pain.

As to routine, yep I get up check my email and then get on with the day's tasks. (Although thinking about it as I wait for the kettle I have to feed my lords/ladies and masters/mistresses or else I get in trouble (yep the cats), before I get my cup of tea.

Julie said...

lol, funny how such a little thing can be so disruptive. Hope your toes feel better soon.

Happy Birthday!