Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Emergency Department Adventure and The News from Calgary

Last night, I had the opportunity to see how the Emergency Department at St. Mary's hospital handles patients who are not bleeding but may be at serious risk. I accompanied The Viking to the hospital because his blood pressure was very high, and had been very high for over two days His bp was checked (still very high) and he was admitted to Emergency. Then we waited, behind curtain number 4, for three hours. There was only one doctor on duty and we did not see him, or her. After three hours of waiting, I asked if The Viking's blood pressure could be checked again. A nurse did that, and fortunately the b/p had come down close to what is normal for The Viking. So, he decided he might as well go home. Of course he had to sign an agreement saying that he was leaving without seeing a doctor.

All is well this morning, but I do wonder about a couple of things. If I hadn't been with the Viking, would they have checked on him sooner? Did staff expect that because someone was with him, that someone would inform them if there was a change that required their attention? I do know the signs of a stroke, but the staff at the hospital knew nothing about me. I am glad The Viking agreed to go to the hospital, though he is not sure he would do it again, given the care he didn't receive.

In other news, my friend Lori Hahnel, will be the Calgary Canadian Author's Association's Writer in Residence starting in September -- and her novel, Love Minus Zero has been nominated for a Calgary Public Library Literary Award. I'm thrilled for her, on both counts.

As for my writing, I had an encounter with the black dog, but have survived it and am doing a bit of work. That is also good.


Lori Hahnel said...

Ahhh! That sounds like a terrible experience! What is going on with our healthcare system? But I'm glad to hear all is well with the Viking now. Very upsetting.

Be well,


Falcata Times said...

Sorry to read about the Hospital Trip D. Must have been worrying to say the least.

Michelle Muto said...
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Michelle Muto said...

Glad Mr. Viking is okay. I hope.

ETA Original: to add

Our health care is getting closer to yours all the time. Except that 3 hours is nothing here. My sister had an appendicitis attack. Two hospitals, one walk-in clinic, 6 hours. They never checked on her either. Not once. Didn't even take her back into a room. We had to wait out in the lobby, which was full of the uninsured and every one of their family members