Thursday, September 10, 2009

Trust Ye Not The Leprechaun

For verily, I say unto you, ye shall be disappointed. Yon wee leprechaun hath disguised himself as ye federal Minister of Finance and calleth himself Flaherty. He hath not the gold that was taken from us. Let it be known to all those present that he hath spent it all, and mountains more. The weaver of fairy tales, for indeed such they are, had prophesied that all would be well in ye True North, that the vassals would suffer not, nor would they have to pay more evil tax. For taxes be an abomination unto him who sayeth he writeth the budget. Though, truth be told 'tis his master, Harper his ownself, who commandeth him.

Let the edict go forth into all the lands. Let the writ be dropped. Elect him again, we shall not.

(I hopeth)


Selestial said...

LOL, very nicely said.

Though personally, I never trust a politician :D

mcinnesp said...

Only trouble is, who do you elect?

They all make promises they have no intentions of keeping and they have no accountability for any lies, errors, or blatant "who cares" they have the tendency to make.

Michelle Muto said...


As Sel said - never trust a politician.