Monday, November 09, 2009

My Wild, Weird and Wet Week

I've had more than a week's worth of wildness, weirdness and water. It's been like a roller coaster ride, and while I enjoy roller coasters, I appreciate them more from a distance. So, here's what has happened since my last post.

First, I heard the great news about my brother's health. The major surgery and all the treatments he endured have put him among the 5% of people who beat the odds. It was a terrific birthday present for him and for all of us. And after that there was more good news. The Viking has to have a nasty test periodically and his results were fine. Hooray for our side and all that.

I almost didn't get depressed when I received another rejection note, because - I had aimed high - and I received interesting advice. However, I was fretting and holding my breath for another reason. My daughter and son-in-law were in negotiations to sell their business. it got complicated, way too complicated, and communications were a big problem. I continued to fret about their situation until 4:45 Thursday morning when there was a loud knocking at my door.

If that had happened when I lived in my old apartment in Toronto, I would have known it was a drunk person and would have ignored it. However, if there are drunks in this building, they don't roam the halls, so I went to the door. The man who lives below me wanted to know if I had water in my laundry room. Oh boy! did I, and it was seeping toward the living room. We looked at the ceiling in the laundry room and discovered water was dripping down through the air conditioning duct system, or from somewhere else above me. I grabbed my mop and pail and got to work. I thought I was making headway and then the drip got faster and faster. So I had to mop faster and faster and faster. It was still coming down and I wondered what on earth had happened above me. After a time, my neighbour returned and told me a hot water heater two floors above me had burst and they were waiting for the plumber. I mopped some more, then the head came off the mop (probably in protest at the abuse it was taking), I popped it back in and continued. My arms and my back and arms were aching by then, but I didn't dare stop. Finally at about 6:30 the wet invasion ended and I made progress. By 7 a.m. no more water was arriving and I had mopped up everywhere. But, water had seeped under a corner of the living room carpet.

For two long days and two long nights, I had an industrial dehumidifier and fan running constantly. Everything is dry now, but I have something else to worry about. What about my hot water heater?

There was good news at the end of the week though. My daughter and son-in-law have sold their business. What's next. They don't know yet and neither do I, but I'm sure it will be good.

I hope for a calm week ahead with no more flooding and lots of writing time.


Julie said...

Wow, that was quite the week. I'm glad all the health is good and the wet wasn't as horrible as it could have been.

Good luck with the ongoing submissions. The rejection sucks, but if you keep with it you'll get there. (I have to keep telling myself this too)

Julie said...

PS - Julie = Firewolf from the OWG.

Anonymous said...

Life is usually balance - a mixture of good and bad - just not all in one week! LOL

Hope this week is a little calmer for ya'.


Susan said...

Glad everything worked out for everyone, Diane. Surely a week of calm is on the horizon... :)

Michelle said...

Yikes! But glad you got the water situation cleared up. And congrats on the rest of the good news. I'm so glad that the Viking is doing well as is your brother. Those are some great odds to overcome. A great bday present indeed!

Lori Hahnel said...

Here's to a duller week!

Jennifer Ross said...

My goodness, you have been having a time. Congratulations on all the wonderful, good news.

I appreciate the water heater story, because ours went at work last week, too. Much less water everywhere than the last time this happened, because my co-worker heard the drip as she was opening the office. But now, we have very cloudy hot water! It looks like milk and it sometimes smells (like bleach covering something I can't identify) although other times it doesn't. The guy who put this new one in is supposed to be coming . . . sometime.