Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Couple of Books I Recommend

First, a thank-you to the people who responded to my previous post about editors. I'm only annoyed and disappointed when an editor says something vague like - it's not our style. And yes, I do get over my anger. I'm a Cancer sign so that takes time because Cancer people are stubborn, though I prefer to think of us as tenacious.

I hope my brother is tenacious too, he is back in the hospital and we don't know much yet. Writing is hard to do when one's fingers are permanently crossed. Therefore, I decided to mention a couple of books I recommend.

Delivery by Betty Jane Hegerat (Oolichan Books 2009) is an absorbing and sometimes heart-wrenching novel about a young woman who has to decide whether to give away her baby. The baby's grandmother gets involved and then ... no, I can't reveal what happens. Read it. It's excellent.

During my volunteer shelf-reading stint at the library on Wednesday, I discovered Outwitting Writer's Block and Other Problems of the Pen by Jenna Glatzer. It has already given me quite a few laughs and given my current frame of mind, that's no easy task. The book is light-hearted - a rare thing since it's about a serious, or semi-serious subject. It won't ever be classed as "literature", but it's fun to read. Here's a sample quote:

"You decide Real Writers would never stare at a blank page for three days. .... You are defective ....Don't think I'm going to correct you. ...If I weren't so defective in the first place I'd probably never be a writer ... But the world needs us weirdos. If we didn't write about the glorious lives of bag ladies, mountain climbers, misfits, barflies, and homecoming queens, who would? So, go right ahead and be defective and write anyway."

I haven't finished the book yet, but I found more to giggle about this morning, and more motivation too.



Lori Hahnel said...

You're right about Cancers. We are stubborn. I hope all goes well for you brother. And isn't Jenna Glatzer a scream?

Liz said...

Real writers? Sometimes I feel a little gauzy and transparent but mostly I try to remember that the world needs writers. Oh, and Cancers aren't the only ones with a little stubborn. Virgos got it too.
My best to you and your brother
Liz Betz

Angela Addams said...

I'm a little bit of Cancer and a little bit of's that for stubborn?!
I hope your brother gets well.
I know what you mean when it comes to staring at a blank screen. Usually, that's when I know it's time to go back to the basics...pull out the pen and paper and start scribbling.