Friday, April 02, 2010

Wondrously Made

This afternoon, The Viking and I went to see Bodies, The Exhibition, which is currently on at The Museum (formerly The Children's Museum) in downtown Kitchener. We were amazed. If the exhibition ever travels to your city, then make sure to see it. I know a reasonable amount about what is inside of us, but when I saw the bodies and parts of bodies, I was almost dumbstruck by their beauty. So many many intricate parts and somehow, when they are all working, we never think about them.

And when things go wrong, as they did for my brother, what we have learned about the body helps us to repair it. The fix can be complicated and isn't always permanent, but there are so many more options now. My brother, who had massive surgery and other fixes applied to him, is fairly stable at the moment and has even gained a bit of weight. Of course his strong will, and his steadfast faith also help him and healing thoughts and prayers from his family and friends play their part too.

We are indeed wondrously made.


Jan Markley said...

Lovely post. Thanks.

Angela Addams said...

Sounds interesting! And good news about your brother. I wonder how it compares to Body Works? I went to see that at the Science Center and was quite amazed!

D. B. Reynolds said...

I'm glad to hear the good news about your brother. The human body is indeed a wondrous and complex piece of work.

But I have to say those "body" exhibits squick me out!!

Give me a nice televised open heart surgery any day!! Or any other kind, for that matter. LOL


Ken said...

A friend of mine runs a museum in Florida and hosted the Bodies for a period. He told us all sorts of good stories about the exhibits springing a 'leaks' all over the floors. He offered free tours, we declined.

Falcata Times said...

Hope your brothers on the mend. I've always wondered about the whole design issue to be honest. Lets face it why put a nose on the way it is. I mean it runs, what the point of that? Mind you if it faced upwards you'd drown when it rained. LOL

I've seen Hans on the TV (he does the plasticised bodies) and he was pretty good on explaining things to the masses, the autopsies that he did live were fascinating as well as his demonstrations about injuries. Good Ol Channel 4.