Friday, February 04, 2011

Suddenly ...

I've never started a story with suddenly or with any other adverb as far as I can recall but I think it's an appropriate title for this post.

January, which seemed such a slow month while I was experiencing it is suddenly over and that means I have only a couple of months left to get stories sent out to journals again. I've received a couple of "good" rejections in the last little while. You know, the type of thing where the editor, or someone on staff, writes a kind personal comment but still says no thanks. So, do I revise yet again? Likely I do. As another writer said and this isn't an exact quote, when you get to the twentieth revision it's hard to tell if you are making good changes or bad ones. That's when the work gets harder. And since I'm an expert procrastinator (need lessons? send me a message). I have foot-dragged most of the time in January and need to buckle down. I'll be fastening those buckles as soon as I finish this post.

Also, suddenly, well suddenly as far as I'm concerned, I'm told I have another vision problem. Fortunately, it can be remedied and replacing my dirty windshields, cloudy lenses, is routine. No doubt the changes did not happen overnight, but I didn't realize my vision had decreased because I compensate for the losses. Since I've always had vision problems I should have expected that with age more would crop up, or is that down? In any event, I'll spend most of my on-screen time working on my stories so, likely I won't update my blog as often.

Have you had any good experiences that happened suddenly?

Til next time


livyparker said...

Diane, know you are not alone. I have to revise stories, too. Why is it that writing is such a thrill but revising such a bore?

Good luck with yours, I'll be starting mine... tomorrow ;)

Falcata Times said...

I get hit by inspiration every so often so much so that I tend to get distracted and unable to concentrate on doing anything until I get these thoughts out.

I've got one idea that I'm working on now that I hope will work out. I suspect it won't at the moment but it could be another fun string to the bow of reviewing.

Angela Addams said...

Suddenly I had an agent. Suddenly I got a contract for my first short story.

But the suddenly that really sticks with me the deepest is not a good one - death never is...then suddenly is the worst possible thing that can happen.

Good luck with revisions - I'm stuck in that world now and have been for a while.

Susan said...

Yes, good luck with your revisions, Diane.

I'm a good procrastinator, too, but I recently sent out a short story as a contest entry. Wish me well.

I suddenly had a great idea for a book, but it'll take some time to pull together and I still have to finish my first novel.

I am suddenly back in school as of this coming Tuesday. Taking one of the life-long learning classes at my local u.

Julie said...

Good luck with the submissions and the vision.