Sunday, September 16, 2012

What Is Around The Corner?

We are born with the urge  to learn, to explore, and to wonder. What is around the corner, what is under the bed, what is next in our lives? And -  if we are readers - what's next in the book?

Often I want more when I hear a  snippet of conversation; but, I never hear the outcome unless I make up my own version.  What other people may see and how they might interpret what they see is also a fascination.  Yesterday, I received a  payment from a writer I'm working with. She had given me a cheque and later decided she would make two payments at once, so she brought cash. I met her in my building's lobby. She gave me an envelope and I gave her the folded cheque.  If anyone was watching us (there's a lobby camera) our actions would be open to various interpretations.  We looked innocent but not all drug dealers look dangerous.

As for books, some are page turners but the ones I enjoy the most  pull me forward because I want to know more about the characters and not just their actions, but their thoughts.  When I read a certain type of mystery, I can skim through the gory parts looking for clues. When I read an Alice Munro story, I savour every word. When I read Anne Lamott, I cry then I laugh, sometimes over the course of three pages. It's her utter honesty that is so magnificent.

What's next in my life?  Surgery in a few days.  Afterward I'll be sticking close to home for a while. Maybe conversation will lead to a story.

What is around the corner for you?


Bea said...

Surgery for me too! Mine is on the 25th. Good luck with yours.

J.A. Campbell said...

Good luck with the Surgery, both you and Bea. Lots of writing and my Best Friend's visit around the corner for me.


T. James said...

I wish you all the best with surgery, Diane - that's it's free from complications and you recovery is fast and pain-free.

Your insight about conversation inspiring writing rings true - life and art imitate each other.

Falcata Times said...

All the best to the two of you. Just try to relax in the hospital and perhaps a weird one off line will inspire you. Just if either of you get Doctor Sexy run like hell. LOL (Reference to Supernatural Season 7 there.)

Susan Barclay said...

Hope your surgery goes/went well, Diane, and that you enjoy a speedy recovery!

Lori Hahnel said...

Sending out all best wishes for your suregery, Diane!