Monday, May 16, 2005

JEOPARDY!- Alex,. I'm Leaving You.

It's all my friend R.'s fault. Once upon a time, I didn't watch the television program "Jeopardy" with any regularity, but now, I'm hooked on it. And not because I know most of the answers, I don't. In fact, watching it makes me realize there are great gaps in my knowledge of geography, history, sports (especially sports) Americana and probably every other category too.

This evening, there was a match to determine the last person who will be in the "Ultimate Tournament of Champiions" (yes Ken Jennings will appear too). The runaway winner of the quiz I just watched was an American writer. He seemed to know so much about so many categories, and I was left with the question - When does the man write? Not to mention, though I will, what the heck does he read aside from all the factual stuff he must have read. Maybe he's one of those people who has a visual memory and everything he's ever read is stored in his video brain.

My grandson is somewhat like that - once he's read a fact, he always remembers it and he can quote it almost verbatim. As for me, perhaps my memory is something like a giant pudding of mixed up things, a trifle. Because I can remember both large events and small ones if they happened at a significant time in my own life. If they didn't; I couldn't tell you much.

Once the "Ultimate Tournament of Champions" is over will the program go off the air? I don't imagine so, but it will in my house. Spring is trying to get here. It made a brief appearance but didn't sign the contract. It will be back for another round of negotiations, but I'm not signing the next watch Jeopardy contract. I'm giving it up, right after the tournament is over so that I can make friends with spring. I promise.

After all, acording to the interesting quiz my friend Lori sent me, I'm a Cultural Creative person by nature.

The test said I'm
Cultural Creative 88%
Post Modern 81%
Idealist 63%
Romanticist 63%
Existentialist 50%
Modernist 50%
Materialist 38%
Fundamentalist 13%

And therefore, I should spend more time being Creative, with a capital 'C.' I did the test twice. Why not? I'm a Cancer and we like to try things more than once. Both times it came out 88% Cultural Creative. Ah! if only these tests ensured anything.

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