Friday, May 20, 2005

"Ready to Serve"

One of our local supermarkets uses the slogan "Ready to Serve." Well, so am I. It could happen at any moment. I looked in my closet to see of my Superheroine cape was still there and I found it. I can't locate my magic wand yet but it must be around here someplace.

What prompts me to get ready? I received an e-mail from a dear friend I used to work with at a certain Community Centre. It seems that a lot of staff are going to be away on the long weekend and I have been named as a back-up management person. This nonsense has given me a huge laugh, because I left the job I had there due to political shenannigans four years ago. It seems that I have not been forgotten and so I'm searching for my cape and my wand.

Mind you, I may have to lend it to Belinda Stronach. She might need a new image, an identity fix if you like, now that she has become a Liberal. It's more than odd, but I have a small sneaking sympathy for her. Maybe because I butted heads with people in power and failed to conince them I was right, or should I say correct, since I lean to the left. Or maybe my sympathy is evoked because she has been called such horrible things. Eventually we'll find out what her motives are but in the meantime I think I believe her.

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