Sunday, September 11, 2005

Spatially Incompetent

I've been dawdling a lot lately and I've also been distracted by the ongoing coverage of the after-effects of the hurricane. So, I've been posting on an internet bulletin board and encouraging people to donate to the Red Cross and so on. Great excuses for not revising my short story draft, or finishing the story that's half-done.

And I found another way to distract myself that's frustrating and fun. There's a game called Troyis (online). It doesn't take long to play (at least not when you're me) and it involves being able to visualize which square you should put the knight symbol on in order to cover the variously spaced open squares. I am not good at this type of game - in fact I'm bloody awful. There are apparently 22 levels - but I keep getting stuck at level seven and sometimes don't even make it to level five. One only has 45 seconds to complete each level, no matter how complex. The upside is that it's impossible to think of anything else, at least on a conscious level, while playing it. And, it does seem to sharpen my concentration.

I've certainly needed distractions lately, since the news from Nancy and Gary has changed again. They have lost some of their staff and are very short-handed. They will both have to go out and do applications if they are going to get all the fall work done for every customer. And, of course, somehow they have to get it all done.

It's a case of keeping my fingers crossed, again. I hope that by November, the end of the lawn care season, I'll be able to pry my fingers apart

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