Monday, September 19, 2005

To Go or Not to Go? I wish I knew.

I wasn't going to go to St. Catharines for the anthology launch, since my daugter can't drive me there. However, I'm beginning to reconsider the whole thing since it is possible to go by bus. Possible, but it takes a long time - there and back would be almost 7 hours total travel in one day. The train would be nice, but there isn't one that would get me there at the right time.

So, in typical crab fashion, I'm skittering back and forth, waving my antennae and trying to decide - because - when it comes right down to it. I'd like to be there. This sort of thing doesn't happen every week, or every month or ... and who knows when it might happen again. The Gods of writing contests are a fickle and strange bunch. Of course the Niagara Wine Festival is on the same weekend so it could be that hardly anyone would be at the reading. They might all be out drinking, elsewhere.

Maybe I could go the night before, stay at a B & B and come back after the reading. That way I'd have a mini-holiday and blow all the prize money and then some.

Maybe I should look at the weather forecast and then roll the dice (oh heck! I don't have any dice). Or maybe the universe will send me a sign.

The Word on the Street is Sunday and I've promised to volunteer in the afternoon. So, if I've travelled to St. Catharines and back before Sunday, I hope I don't have to be awake.

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