Friday, February 10, 2006

No Law Against Love

Two members of the Grand River Three, our small independent writing group, submitted short stories for No Law Against Love, a romance anthology published by Highland Press. Both stories were accepted for publication, so congratulations to Jennifer Ross and Susan Barclay. Well done, guys!

Proceeds from the anthology support breast cancer research and I hope that sales will be brisk.
Every story in the anthology features a silly law which might interrupt a romance. Since I've had the opportunity to read and make editing suggestions for both stories, I can tell you that if every story in the anthology reaches the quality of Susan and Jenn's stories, then the book should become a big hit.

The book will be available from Barnes & Noble. Their first order has sold out!


Jenn said...

Thanks, Diane.

Susan said...

I want to add my thanks, too, Diane :) The book may also be ordered through the publisher's website, For those who are leery of purchasing online, please request it through your local bookstore. They can obtain it for you. Remember, all net profits go towards breast cancer research. The contributing authors donated their stories to the anthology and are not making any money on them.

Nicole said...

Neat! I'll have to look for it.

~Nicole (bookwyrm, on Kelley's site)