Monday, September 25, 2006

Here's Lookin' At You, Kid

If you guessed Casablanca, you win.

It was weekend of movies. We saw Casablanca Sunday, on Rogers pay-per-view, and Saturday we went to see All The King's Men. I mentioned Casablanca first because it stands the test of time. Like an old friend, it has a few minor flaws but I love it and besides - who could resist Bogie? All the King's Men was very good and Sean Penn gives a powerful performance, but there are dramatic moments followed by lulls that maybe could have been fixed. Naturally, it's a great story with lots of plot twists and turns. Sometime, I'm going to watch the original movie version since some critics say it is better than the 2006 version.

Speaking of Bogart, the man in my life said he'd heard that Bogart and Ed Sullivan were brothers. That bothered me and I had to check it out. It isn't true. It's merely one of those legends that someone started. Don't people have better things to do and don't I have better things to do than to disprove said legend? Well, sure, and I mean to get to them. Right after I take a walk through the autumn leaves.

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