Tuesday, October 10, 2006

That "F" Word

The local weather forecast for Thursday includes the word "flurries." Maybe the weather reporter was too chicken to say he meant snow flurries. Maybe Flurries or Blizzards from Dairy Queen are going to arrive instead.

I am not ready for even the non-stick kind of snow flurry.

I am however, about ready to spit nails at Mr. Harper, or use the other "F" word when referring to his recent actions. He's cut funding to the national Status of Women and cut funding for court challenges, and and and. It's weird that there are actually people, some of them are female people, who think that Status of Women groups are some secret feminist cabal that intends to rule the world. Not even close. Basic battles are still being fought. Heather Mallick's article on the CBC website has lots of food for thought and some interesting responses.


Here endeth the rant, because I am not feeling well.

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"Orange Mike" Lowrey said...

No, no, the Secret Feminist Cabal is in charge of giving out the Tiptree Awards; naturally, it has significant Canadian content.