Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Saved from Vista, at Least for Now

Last week was the week when Word disappeared. Sure, in the beginning there was (the) Word, but then I couldn't access it at all. After many trials and tribulations somehow, it's working again. But it has led me to think about eventually purchasing a new Windows Vista program, since the problem originated in Windows.

All was well in computer-land, indeed, I even managed to file my taxes online today. That pleased me, since I'll get a refund. But now I know where some of that refund is going. When I printed out the 25 pages of my tax return (who knew it would take 25 pages for a low-income persons tax return?) the ink began to fade on some parts of the page, then on more. Apparently my long-lasting printer cartridge has finally reached the end of its life span. Admittedly, it has lasted longer than I expected. My HP printer is already obsolete, according the the HP site. I bought it in September of 2004. The cartridges cost $82.72, plus tax, so I'd better get one before they also disappear.

I've spent some time researching short story markets, and some more time researching the best place to buy a new printer cartridge. Then I went to the library to return some books and see if they had any by this year's Writer in Residence, Elizabeth Ruth. They do, but canny folk have already reserved copies of her two novels. Her bio makes her sound like an interesting choice, so perhaps I'll submit a story for an appraisal. First, though, I have to take care of my printer problem.

It's been almost luxurious, staying home, most of the time, for a few days, watching the snow, and doing a little of this and a little of that. I could get used to it again with no problem, but I think next week I'll be back in the office for some of the time. And before long, the spring lawn care season will arrive. Think busy, think very, very busy.

I'd better write some more and fart around some more, while I still can.

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