Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Slowest Typist in the East Forges On

I was going to title this post, Slowest Typist in the World but, having heard from my friend Lori, who also claims to be the slowest typist, I had to settle for a lesser title.

Its slow going because I'm learning to use a new and complex computer program. Or maybe I'm slow because I haven't done this sort of work for a long time. And I"ve never imported and exported information between two very different programs. It's more than three years since I worked outside my home. Excuses, excuses, just ask, I"ve got a million of 'em. The good news is, I haven't yet been fired. Then again, it might be hard for a daughter to fire her mother; though so far, she's had no difficulty in pointing out any errors. I think I'm improving s l o w l y.

In other news, the story that I revised and resubmitted to ye famous literary mag has been rejected, again. This time it was returned by a dfferent editor who had not read the first version.

Maybe there will be good news tomorrow, if not, there'd better be chocolate. And if no chocolate comes in the door, courtesy of my favourite Viking, this writer will finish off the Chapmans no sugar ice-cream that resides in the freezer. I wouldn't want the treat to gather ice crystals.

There will be enough ice crystals on my scarf tomorrow, if the weather forecast is correct.

I go to bed earlier and earlier, now that I'm working. In fact, it's time to go there now. Goodnght.

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Jennifer Ross said...

I'm so sorry to hear the story was rejected! Bummer.

But I can relate to the part about going to bed earlier and earlier. Especially in the winter. When I come home from work I want to go to bed shortly after the sun.