Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mail Woes, Telemarketers and Rabbit Ears.

I suppose summer is as good a time as any for a magazine to change locations. I mailed a submission to a certain magazine on June 14 and today, there it was - back in my mailbox. The magazine moved offices on June 19th. I used the mailing address shown in their website on the day I sent out my work. Perhaps I should be glad the submission came back to me and wasn't lost during the move. I wonder why they didn't pay to have their mail forwarded to the new location, at least for a month or two. On the other hand, maybe they didn't choose that option so that the mail flood would slow down and bills would be delayed too.

The only other mail I've received lately has been political bumph. That stuff arrives with great regularity. And I bet it won't be long before the phone calls start because there's a provincial election this fall. There will soon be a national do-not-call list established to help people avoid telemarketers, but political parties will be exempt.

This morning I received a telephone call from someone soliciting funds for TV Ontario. I'm a big fan of TVO, or at least I was when I had cable and could get the signal. I explained this to the caller. He then suggested that I should get someone to adjust my rabbit ears for me. I'll admit, there are things that I'm not capable of doing all by myself, but I'm pretty sure I know how to adjust an antenna.

Pretty sure, but not certain - because after all, I was pretty sure I had the right address for that magazine.

The only important thing I know for sure is that Tim Horton's is going to raise their prices. I think I'll get one last double double before that happens.



Susan said...

Tim Hortons is going to raise their prices?! They're not high enough already???

Jennifer Ross said...

Oh, Susan. Try the prices over at Starbucks if you want a shocker.

Don't try the coffee though. I can't believe they're still in business selling that swill. Good thing they cover it up with all the specialty stuff.


Susan said...

Actually, my husband took me to Starbucks on Sunday - we got a large frappucino and a slice of cake to share. Neither one of us was wearing our glasses to see the price list. My husband tends to exaggerate, so it was probably about $7 altogether, but he said it was around 10 bucks! Ouch! We won't be going there again any time soon.