Thursday, July 26, 2007

Naming The Man in My Life and Other Matters of Importance

Maybe it's because I now have a thesaurus, or maybe it's because I'm avoiding revisions, but today, I've been thinking about how women my age should refer to the men with whom they are romantically involved.

Introductions can be a little tricky. Do I say- this is my friend- and use voice inflection to put quotation marks around it? I'm not comfortable with saying he's my boyfriend since he is obviously not a boy anymore and anyhow, that word is entirely too cute. When I refer to him informally on a Web forum, I often call him my significant other. But I don't like the expression much. I'd use partner, but D. is averse to that one since it's often used by gay guys. Companion is rather appropriate I think. Best of all is amoroso, which appears in my thesaurus, but it's probably not good for use in casual conversation. Perhaps I'll just say this is D. and let 'em wonder.

One important thing occurred today.I went forth into the marketplace and after many trials and temptations, I purchased a new pair of jeans. The bank loan should come through soon.

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Jennifer Ross said...

I have the same problem. I've lived with Mike for twelve years now, so I think boyfriend doesn't really cut it. We're never getting married, so fiance is inaccurate and sounds a bit pathetic. Husband is liable to get me strung up (how dare I use that morally right word when I'm so morally wrong), and while spouse is technically correct (hey, ask CRA) and I do use it sometimes, it doesn't always come out right--I think it has to do with being only one syllable.

So I generally go with "my Mike" or "my husband-type guy". It's equally hard for everyone else. Is Mike's mother my mother-out-law?