Monday, October 15, 2007

Got Guilt?

If you don't have enough guilt, please let me know and I'll send some to you because I have plenty.

Guilt about not writing - guilt about not cleaning - guilt about not responding to facebook questions and friend's emails - guilt about spending too much money - guilt about not looking for a job. Need I go on? Probably not.

Therefore; let me talk briefly about the Ontario election and the very divisive issue of "faith-based school funding." I think John Tory was mistaken in choosing to emphasize that issue and now he has discovered that most Ontarians didn't agree with his stance. I certainly didn't agree. The next step in dealing with the issue will require a government with enough courage to phase out the separate (Catholic) school system, as Quebec has already done. That may not happen for a while but I think, eventually, it will.

Why not have one school system for all? It makes sense in this most multicultural society and then, it would also be possible to fund schools properly. That's extremely important for all our children.

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Susan said...

I'm not sure Tory chose to emphasise that issue. I think the other parties and the media chose to emphasise it. Be that as it may...

Yeah, I have the guilt about not writing, guilt about not cleaning, going on too...