Monday, October 01, 2007

Election Weirdness

The Provincial election takes place on October tenth. I wonder how many people will foget that due to Oktoberfest shenanigans?

I received a flyer in my mail box today from the P.C. candidate for my riding. There's a picture of McGuinty on the front, he's the face on the Wanted for breaking promises poster. The picture does not look any worse than my passport picture, and I suspect that Ontario still wants McGuinty and the Liberals. I looked at the local P.C. candidate's website in order to be fair, but it contains little except a couple of other pictures of him.

I'm not sure if Ontario wants to continue with first-past-the post election winners or choose the new and confusing system. I'm not even sure that I understand the proposal, but that could just be me.

And, interestingly, no one is mentioning Toronto's huge financial problems. Mr. Harper didn't mention them either, when he was in Toronto making a speech. He did however tell everyone that he is going to apply the $14 billion surplus to the debt.

All elected parties tend to break promises sooner or later and those that keep some of their promises sometimes keep the wrong ones. Thus sayeth the cynic.

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