Friday, December 26, 2008

After Christmas

Christmas is over for another year. Everything winds down quickly, for me anyway, after The Day. I was tempted to follow my daughter's Boxing Day tradition and wear my pajamas all day, but I needed to go out for a little while. I did wear my new cozy robe until about 11 a.m. and was deliciously lazy.

I may have a turkey hangover. Or it could be that I'm suffering from the now-I-have-to-get-back-to-work syndrome. Yes, that's likely it. You see, I have this new chair. I have 500 sheets of paper and I have envelopes too. I need to consolidate Jennie into one document, find out how long it is, and start revising again. But I also have a wonderful book I'm savouring - The Time Traveller's Wife. And just when I thought I'd have no more excuses, The Viking called a moment ago and he will be here tomorrow. My holiday is not over yet after all.

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