Monday, December 01, 2008

A Circus - But Where's the Meat?

Have Roman times returned? I do wonder. We have the circus that is the current Parliament to amaze and horrify us - but where's the meat?

I am appalled at the current Federal government's lack of understanding and lack of action re the economic crisis. Why don't they understand what will happen to ordinary Canadians if the auto industry and the forest industry fall apart? Of what use is an economics degree, when theory is all you know? And why must Ontario, which for years was the economic engine of the country, become the major victim of decreased equalization payments. For "make no mistake," as a certain person was wont to say, those payments will not increase - which will equal a decrease. The current federal finance minister wreaked havoc in Ontario (when he was Provincial finance minister)and we are still living with the consequences. Ontarians who receive Ontario Works (which replaced Welfare) get a grand total of $560 per month and $349.00 of that is for housing. No wonder the poor buy bread and sometimes vegetables but cannot afford meat.

If a coalition government can be formed. I'm in favour of it. After all - it's unlikely to be worse and could quite possibly be better.

Now that that's off my chest, maybe I can stop reading the political blogs and get back to work.

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