Friday, December 04, 2009

Tiny Reasons for Happiness

Christmas is approaching rapidly. Somehow, as soon as December arrives the days are too short for all the things I think I should do. So I pick some 'want to do" things and let the rest go. I want to say a bit about happiness which is often a fleeting thing but always welcome when it pays a visit. Sometimes the reasons for my happiness are tiny.

For instance, the appearance of a charming and peaceful eight-week-old baby at our condominium Christmas party and my ability to use the tiny (and tinny) keyboard to play Christmas music at the party. I also used a tiny bit of self-deprecating humour to get people to relax and sing along with me.

Then, there's the word itself. "Tiny"" is short and not appealing to the ear, except when used by The Viking in this phrase. "She's a tiny woman, like you." I am not a 98 pound weakling or wonder. I'm a middle of the road woman, with a middle. But, I'd never disagree him. It's too delightful to hear him say those words and they always make me smile.

How can I apply the theme of this post to my writing life. Well, there has been a tiny bit of progress in the last three months. I wrote a short story ( It needs revisions and I will get to them.) I edited a couple of articles for my daughter and also had one paid assignment. Tiny things all, but still, they are good things.

I wish you good things, both tiny and large, for the holidays.


The Writing REALTOR said...

Good things come in small packages :)

Angela Addams said...

Yes, as a writer I feel the need to hang on tight to the tiny moments, especially where writing is concerned. Otherwise the waiting is too much torture, the self-consciousness is too suffocating and the procrastination is too overwhelming!

Lori Hahnel said...

The tiny things make life worthwhile.

Michelle said...

Thanks! What a nice sentiment.

Happiest of Holidays to you, too. May there be a lot of joyful, tiny surprises to fill your year.