Friday, December 10, 2010

Where Are You?

First, a big thank you to all the people who commented on my personal essay about books which is posted on in the Culture Watch section, I hope that in this multi-media world there will always be a place for the traditional printed book. And now, on to today's subject.

When I telephone my old friend, The Bear, who lives in an assisted care facility, he always asks. "Where are you?"

"I'm at home," I reply.

Then there is a pause as I wait to see if he can remember the city. These days, most of the time he can't and so I remind him that I'm in Kitchener, and he is too. That is the factual answer but it doesn't address where I might be in my imagination.

Sometimes, I'm in two or three places over the space of a day. For instance, this morning I was in Britain during the time of King Arthur, while reading Gwenhwyfar, The White Spirit, by Mercedes Lackey. For a while this afternoon, I was in the Toronto beaches area while revising one of my short stories. This evening, if I return to the other book I'm reading, I'll be in North Carolina. I sure do get around. Just yesterday, I spent a brief time in purgatory when I received a Notice of Reassessment from the Revenue Canada Agency, but I was able to escape.

I also spend time in the land of daydreams where anything can happen. I like being there.

Where would you like to be?


Susan said...

Hawaii sounds good right about now!

In my current reading I am in various Mysterious Bookshops surrounded by suspense and intrigue that takes place during the Christmas season.

It is a pleasure to travel vicariously when one is unable to do the real thing. Thank God for writers and for imagination!

Falcata Times said...

Thats tricky to answer, if I were to let my imagination run riot I'd have to say in my own library, surrounded by books, a toasty fire burning in the grate and a big mug of hot chocolate to one side.

If I'm sticking with reality, I love climbing mountains and sitting on the top to admire the view. Gives me an inner peace that lasts for a few days after.

Julie said...

Today I wish to spend some time in my victorian steampunk world that doesn't have a name yet... essentially surrounded by deadly mist on the side of a mountain.

Then I want to head to the new england states. Then I think I'm going to head to Wisconsin. Probably come back to Colorado at some point too.

Pat Hollett said...

Hahaha!! That purgatory comment sounds about right when a RevCan notice comes in, but the rest of your travels via books and writing sound so pleasant! :) Nice blog Di.

Bea said...

Books are a great, easy way to travel. Like Susan, Hawaii, or maybe the Caribbena, sounds good about now. Actually, Gareth's answer sounds pretty good too. :P

Bea said...
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