Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I've been Drafted - or I should say Dragooned

Last night, I went to the CAA Branch meeting. Turns out it was the Annual Meeting night and before I knew it, somehow I became the secretary for the Branch. I think I said something about being interested in maybe working on the newsletter. Well, they do have a new volunteer for that so now I'm the secretary, for the time being.

There was a lot of discussion about the Conference and it is looking better all the time. The branch may actually have to close registration since there is only a certain amount of room at the Walper Hotel.

The "goodie bags" will be phenomenal. They are not even sure how to get all the freebies into the bags! Books, lots of books and many other things too.

The hot gossip - certain, prominent members wanted detailed information on the location of the nearest bar(s). Oh, you are not suprised by this.

There was also a speaker last night, a woman who writes war poems. She read from her work and spoke about her relationships with war veterans. And, I had the greatest difficulty in keeping my opinion to myself. Only one or two people ever read this so I'm sure she never will. She believes that no "war poet" who hasn't been in a war should write "as if" they were there. Well, yes, but then again I don't think it's beyond the pale. It's possible, maybe barely possible, but possible just the same, that someone could succeed in doing this. I do agree that war should not be romanticized in any way.

Perhaps what perturbed me the most was the way she romanticized her personal relationships with veterans (although it is not overt in the few poems she read). When she was talking about the Vets with me later - she referred to them as her boys and I wanted to give her hell, but I didn't. Attachment to Veterans is something I understand. I still miss my "guys" (even though a lot of the ones I worked with at Sunnybrook and other places are dead now) but never in this world would I have referred to them as boys. Some would have resented it, others would have taken advantage of it, and still others would have refused to talk to me.

In the end, it just motivated me to start writing more stories, using what I know. Guess I should be grateful.

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