Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Motorcycle Mama!

I'd like to be one, sometimes. Mama is what my grandsons call me instead of grandma because they have two grandmothers. Friday evening there was a big Show and Shine event held by local motorcycle enthusiasts just down the street from my place. I had to go because proceeds of tee shirt sales and money raised by participants in the Ride for Dad held on Saturday went to support prostate cancer research.

Okay, okay. I really went to see the bikes and the riders. Of course most of the riders are older guys. Who else can afford those huge Harleys, and Hondas, with a few other Japanese brands thrown in? It was bliss. Lots of chrome to admire, old rock n' roll playing and free Tim's coffee. I bougt a tee shirt and gave it to Gary for Father's day and because now he has a new motorcycle (new to him anyway).

The motorcycle saga started when Nancy got her first one at 20 (I think). She later sold it. A couple of years ago she got another one, then Gary got one too. The cost of insuring the bikes went through the roof, so they sold both bikes a few weeks ago. But then, their accountant said that if Gary got a bike and used it for business purposes, which was something he had been doing anyway, they could write off the cost of the bike and the insurance. So, now Gary has a motorcyle again. I imagine Nancy might get to use it sometimes too. But it isn't likely I'll get a ride on it so I'll have to remember riding on the back of her cherry red Suzuki.

Sam's dance performance weekend went well, but it was a long slog for him. At the theatre for 6 hours on Friday evening and the same thing again on Saturday afternoon. He's decided to sign up for next year so I guess the fact that he hated one of his costumes and was very vocal about it that didn't change his mind about performing.

It's already Tuesday and there's still lots to do to get ready for Lori's visit and for the conference. It's strange to try on clothes that have been in the back of the closet and wonder why I ever bought them in the first place. Or is it because most of my better clothes are at least six years old and in the interim some of my body parts have grown and have drifted further south? In the end, I'll opt for comfort, as I almost always do. The forecast for Friday is hot and humid so that will determine the outfit.

I'm planning to enjoy every moment.

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