Friday, June 03, 2005

June - Dreamy Time

This morning it is not all that hot, but it is humid. June humidity. There's something about it that makes me remember sitting in elementary school classrooms in June and drifitng off to somewhere/anywhere else. Maybe young kids should have a longer summer break, because I don't ever remember learning a single thing in June. At least not any academic thing.

I'm sure it's hard for the teachers to get the kids to pay any attention so I hope they have "covered" the essential parts of the curriculum by now. I know that Frank and Sam are already thinking about summer, and camping, and all the boy-things that have nothing to do with school.

All the summer birthdays are coming up soon too. Frank's on the 24th then mine and my friend Lori's, then Sam's in early July. As the boys get older it's more difficult to know what they would like. I may have to resort to gift certificates since their tastes and interests change very quickly.

I don't know all the summer plans yet. Maybe I will stay with the boys at the trailer for a week, if I'm persuaded. I'd also really like a week on my own up there but will have to wait and see what the plans are. Or, maybe I only think I'd like a week away from everything (the computer, the television) and everyone.

The last time I went on a "retreat" was a good ten years ago and it was excellent. I stayed at a camp that is very busy in the summer, but was very quiet in the springtime. There were places to walk, a quiet room with only the bare necessities and meals were available at set times. I did lots and lots of walking, I guess really it was walking-meditation, since I was trying to decide on a number of things.

Maybe I'll investigate what's available for later on in the summer or the fall, if I don't get the opportunity to stay at Nancy and Gary's trailer.

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