Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Even Cats Can Nag

My daughter has three cats and I've had the opportunity to be educated by them this week since I am staying at her place while she and her husband are on vacation. Two of the crritters are quite vocal when their wishes have not yet been granted.

Dopey expects to have his water dish, which is located away from the other cat dishes, filled as soon as anyone is mobile in the morning, and he complains until his wish is granted. Emma is fairly laid back and quiet, but I've discovered that she expects my daughter's bed to be made, at least by mid-morning, so that she can take her cat nap(s). I had no idea what Emma was going on and on about as I prepared to take my shower, after the boys were off to school, and after I'd done the dishes and read the paper. When I descended the stairs to collect my clothes for the day. There was Emma, standing beside the bed and complaining vociferously. As soon as I made the bed, she hopped up and settled down for what she seemed to think was a well-deserved rest.

I plan to have my well-deserved rest Friday evening, and it will not be interruped by cats, though I'lll miss them.

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Anonymous said...

Does Canada have a law about how many cats you can own? I think Australia's rule is two adult cats for each house. Kittens are allowed, I think, until they find new homes.

Have a lovely day! :)