Monday, December 18, 2006

Seven Days Until Christmas

And Ho Ho Ho to all of you!

There are no stockings hung by the chimney with care - because there isn't a chimney. And anyway, stockings wouldn't be hung until Christmas eve. I don't know if my grandsons will put Christmas stockings on their bedroom doors. But since it's their tradition, likely they will. I enjoy certain traditions too, and I plan to institute some new ones.

The first new one was a family party I hosted last Saturday in the condo party room. There's more space and a billiard room too. All went well, if one doesn't count blowing on one's fingers to keep warm while playing pool, the party was a time of warmth and frivolity.

It's been a challenge shopping for teenage boys, my son-in-law, and the man in my life. My shopping is finished, or at least I think it must be, since I've overspent my budget (another tradition). I'll worry about that in January.

I've found some time to practice my Christmas music and to play some of my old Christmas records. Every year I think I should buy a new and bigger print version of the Messiah sheet music, and every year I squint at my 40 year old tiny note copy instead. That's become a tradion too, I guess.

I tend to get senitmental at this time of year so here's my mushy stuff.

Whether your Christmas is green or white - may it be a time of joy for you.

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