Saturday, September 29, 2007

Passport to Where?

At last, I have acquired my passport. It was a long struggle to find someone who was eligible to swear I was 'real' but I did. After submitting all the documents and the outrageous fee to the local office, I was told the passport would arrive in a couple of weeks. In fact it took only ten days to get here. Colour me astonished. I'm totally prepared now for a big lottery win. When that happens I can go anywhere I want, even to Calgary. (I hear the rest of Canada might soon need a passport to enter the Oil Kingdon).

The long process involved in getting the proof which shows world I'm a 'real' Canadian made me wonder how I got this far in life with so little documentation - no drivers licence, no employer card, no picture health card and so on. A few years ago, I didn't even have a social security card, or a birth certificate, thanks to a purse snatcher. Now, in addition to my new passport, I have a picture health card and a few years ago I replaced my SIN card and my birth certificate. I have lots of ID now. It will be all too easy for people to find me when I win the lottery. I'd better make a plan.

Speaking of plans, sometimes all the planning in the world won't prevent weirdness from happening. For instance, my daughter's lawn care company is required to post signs on the day before they use any herbicide/pesticide/product on a lawn. Naturally, she has this done by area, or neighbourhood since that is the most efficient way to do it. Earlier in the week, every posted sign in a certain neighbourhood was removed by person or persons unkown. Everything had to be reposted, jobs had to be rescheduled, time was lost, money was lost, but there's nothing she can do about it and that hurts. I wish I could fix the situation for her, but I can't.

I'd better go fix the story I've been revising, instead.

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